So Tired, and Pre-Test Update

Went bed at 11:30pm last night, my son wanted to crawl into bed with us during the night, and then I was up at 5am to meet my trainer at the gym at 6am.  Not enough sleep for me!  Strangely enough, though, I had a great workout and felt like I had lots of energy.  Didn’t even feel that tired during the day.  Maybe the stress of last-minute cramming for my ortho pre-test was enough to keep me jacked?  Not sure.

Speaking of my ortho pre-test (click here to read my post about it yesterday), I think it went fairly well.  It required memorization of a lot of small, unlikely-to-be-remembered-past-the-exam details.  I couldn’t remember the answer to one question and just plain didn’t study arch-wire size (for braces) in inches, as all we ever deal with are millimetres.  Otherwise, I think I answered everything right.

Had a very interesting morning (pre-test was in the afternoon), in which the third and fourth year students at my college went to various schools and screened kids to see if they required any dental treatment.  It was a very exciting experience for me, as I really felt “hands on” (can a person feel “hands on”?) getting to check out kids’ teeth – even though it was very much hands off, since we simply looked in their mouths with a flashlight and didn’t touch the kids at all.

It was a busy day and I made it through, but have to admit I didn’t have very much “jam” tonight.  Made a couple of phone calls to confirm my patient’s appointments tomorrow and cuddled with my kids on the couch, but have not done much else.

Just realized I’m scheduled to do a 10k run tomorrow, which is not going to happen due to my IT band injury.  My physiotherapist is recommending I keep my runs in the 15 minutes range and build up my time from there, so 10k is definitely out of the question.  Guess I’d better e-mail my trainer and figure out what I should do!  Bedtime will follow soon after hitting send.  Nighty-night!

15 thoughts on “So Tired, and Pre-Test Update

  1. eatmovewrite says:

    I think cuddling with the kids is enough for one night. What’s better than that?

    Sorry you won’t be able to do your 10K. Get some rest, and see what your trainer says in the morning! Good luck!


  2. couchpotatoathlete says:

    I’m glad the pretest went well. I am amazed at how little sleep I got during college — from working and studying not partying and drinking! I was a nerd in college not a party-er. I think your body and mind kind of go into survival mode during school — you are able to focus when you really need to and you can function pretty well on little or no sleep.


  3. Janice -" Mom on the Run says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It`s amazing how much a good work workout can energize your day! Im sorry about your IT Band injury – I`ve battled IT band friction syndrome too – unfortunately your therapist is right. A moderate return to running will help. Get better soon!


  4. Wendy says:

    It’s SO great that you have a trainer who works with you and can give you professional advice on how to handle the injury, etc. So happy for you!
    I don’t think I realized you are in the dental field. Very cool. Sometimes I think my daughter will grow up to be a dentist because she’s rather fascinated with teeth. On the other hand, the model/actress thing might pan out too. Watch, she’ll surprise us all and be a grocery bagger at the Piggly Wiggly or something. 😉


    • mostlyfitmom says:

      LOL. You never do know what will happen! Becoming a dentist is perhaps a touch more practical than being a model or an actress, but what 3 (4) year old doesn’t dream of doing something cool like being a star?


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