Bike Ride Musings, and Tomorrow’s Long Run

I went for a 45 minute bike ride this morning – fairly easy pace with a few 5 minute intervals mixed in.  It was really smoky here, which was strange.  Apparently the smoke is from forest fires in British Columbia, which is a whole 2 provinces away!  My throat was a little bit raw afterward, but my asthma didn’t act up, so I was happy.

I often head down to the river to bike, but today I headed out on the highway near our house.  It happens to be the highway that leads to my hometown, which is about 175 km away.  As I pedalled up a hill, it suddenly occurred to me that the bike leg of an Ironman is 180 km long – about the distance from where I live to my hometown.  Hmm, that put my 45 minute bike ride into perspective!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing a 15k run.  Looking forward to the shorter distance (yeah, I know that it’s still a pretty long run).  I’m also trying Hammer Gel instead of the Gu I’ve been using.  I’ve read in a couple of different places (sorry – don’t have links) that people find it a little easier on the stomach than Gu, so I guess we’ll see!  In addition to that, I’m going to try a water/Gatorade mix instead of just water, since I had a few problems with cramping at the end of my long run last week.

I’m also going to change my pre-run breakfast, since I’ve been having some tummy troubles about an hour into my run.  My dietitian suggested cutting back on fibre beforehand, so I’ll be trying graham wafers, yogurt, and Gatorade for breakfast instead of the toast I’ve had the past couple of weeks.  We’ll if it helps!

What do you think about when biking/running/swimming/doing other cardio?


2 thoughts on “Bike Ride Musings, and Tomorrow’s Long Run

  1. couchpotatoathlete says:

    I think about how good I feel. I listen to my feet hitting the pavement, or the birds chirping. I honestly just enjoy my surroundings. I run on a trail by my house and there are always animals/flowers/trees to enjoy.


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