Food Journal for Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Was so darn hungry today!  Perhaps due to yesterday’s 21k long run?  My Garmin says I burned over 1,600 calories yesterday, so maybe that explains the arm-gnawing hunger today.

  • Breakfast (9am) : oatmeal, skim milk, sliced strawberries
  • Snack (11am): strawberries
  • Lunch (12:30pm): Blue Menu lean hamburger, whole wheat hamburger bun, ketchup and mustard, cucumbers, dill butter carrots
  • Snack (2pm): watermelon
  • Snack (3pm): low sodium V8, fat free chocolate pudding, banana
  • Snack (4:30pm): 30g serving of Mini Wheats, a few potato chips, fat-free vanilla yogurt
  • Supper (6:30pm): potatoes roasted in olive oil, sauteed mushrooms and red onion with butter, multigrain tilapia fillet

So, you’ll probably notice a few things about my eating today:

  • a LOT of snacks – I was SO hungry, but mostly made good choices
  • how did those chips get in there?!? I blame my husband for bringing them into the house and leaving a partly eaten bag lying around (if only I could blame him for my decision to eat them!)
  • yes, there were some MiniWheats in my day, but I cut back my servings of starches at supper to balance them out
  • mmm, butter with sauteed mushrooms – a small but delicious indulgence

Very little exercise for me today, after yesterday’s long run.  Just a quick, easy bike ride.  Took the kids to the park, despite the wind and not-very-warm weather.  Tuckered my 4 year-old daughter out – she fell asleep in the couch at 6:30pm and I ended up putting her to bed a couple of hours later!  I predict more bike rides in her future…LOL  A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do (to get kids to bed early).


4 thoughts on “Food Journal for Saturday, August 14th, 2010

  1. couchpotatoathlete says:

    When I was marathon training I would eat so much on my long run days! And I felt like my appetite was huge for a few days after the long run. Your body knows what it needs and it looks like you made decent choices all day (with a few treats…) — moderation is key. 🙂


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