Long Run Today

My post-run treat.

Kind of a strange day here weather wise.  Unlike the rest of North America, we’ve had a rather cool and wet summer.  We’ve recently had some sun and heat, but today we had a high of 20 degrees Celcius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) with rain and a couple of thundershowers.

After some barnacle busting (see here for an explanation of this term, provided by Katherine, a reader of the Run Like a Mother blog – very funny read), I managed to get my kids onto the ice at their skating camp.  Then I hauled butt to get home and out onto the road, because I had to be back at the rink to pick them up in a few hours.

I normally do my long runs on Saturday morning, but my husband is otherwise occupied this weekend (golfing ALL weekend), so I had to fit it in when I had childcare for the kids.  This made for some weird eating for me.  I had breakfast at 8:30am (oatmeal, fruit, milk), a snack (granola bar and dried apricots) at 10:30am, some toast and a banana at 12pm, and then some Gatorade right before my run.  Plus lots of water all morning.

I’m not sure I was entirely successful in what I ate today, as I ended up with some tummy troubles during and after my run, not to mention not getting in my servings of veggies today!  Oh well, I’ll do better tomorrow.  I’ll probably post later today or tomorrow on what I ate today.

The Long Run:

Today was supposed to be 22k, but due to a shortage of time (tummy troubles and the barnacle busting), I got in 21k.  I was happy with my pace (more consistent than last week, and somewhat faster), but am still having trouble with achiness around the 15k mark.  Instead of taking breaks every fifteen minutes like last week, I told myself I’d take a break every 2k.  This actually worked out pretty well, because I think I ran faster so that I could get to those walk breaks!  Had some cramping at the 20.5k mark: my right half and the big toe on my right foot.  Have never had this happen to me before while running.  It was a pretty weird feeling not to be able to control my toe and calf!  I’ve had side stitches before, but this felt entirely different.  Not sure if it was just muscle fatigue or hydration issues (maybe related to the tummy troubles?), but I’m considering adding a little Gatorade in with my water.  I had Gatorade and water before my run, 1.75 L of water during, plus 3 Gu’s.  This seems adequate to me, but maybe I’m wrong here?

Luckily, the first 9k of my run were dry, then I had a little sprinkle of rain for the next few km.  It stopped raining around the 14k mark, and the heavy rain stayed away until about 3 minutes after I got back to my house.  As my 6 year-old son would say, “SWEET!”  I’m hoping for some clouds when I run my race on September 12th…


After the run, I raced to the rink to pick up my kids, managing to be only two minutes late.  I guzzled some Gatorade on the way there, and then once I got home I had some chocolate milk, a couple of eggs, toast, and chopped tomatoes for supper.  I was really tempted to order some pizza, but I didn’t.  That was some willpower there!  After supper, we watched a movie (Shark Tale) and had some light buttery microwave popcorn.  I also had a box of Junior Mints.  Yum!  After all, if you can’t indulge a little after a long run, then when can you?

On top of post-run re-fueling, I also iced my left knee (new pain), right knee (no pain, but recently had bursitis/ITB syndrome there), and right hip (recent achiness); did some stretching; and foam rolled, particularly my IT bands.

After this run, I start tapering.  So excited about that.  And it also works out nicely in terms of my schedule, because my school year starts up August 23rd.


5 thoughts on “Long Run Today

  1. Rae says:

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog – and the follow! Sounds like your weekend is off to a great start, despite the thunderstorms. 😉 You can’t go wrong with Junior Mints.


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