My Weight Story

Me in between having kids, in 2005. Probably around 180 lbs - yikes!

I realized today that I weigh less right now than I did when I got married, which is kind of cool, since I celebrated my 12th anniversary this year.  Is it weird that I remember how much I weighed when I got married?  I also remember how much I weighed at other points in my life, and thought it would be interesting to write them down and see how my weight has changed over the years.

125 lbs September 1993 – high school graduation (for some reason our school used to have the ceremony in September)

118 lbs May 1994 – I met my husband

135 lbs February 1997 – on vacation in Barbados

152 lbs May 1998 – I got married

171 lbs January 2001 – walked the Disney Marathon with Joints in Motion

188 lbs November 2002 – my heaviest ever (not counting pregnancy weight)

163 lbs February 2003 – on vacation in South Africa

164 lbs July 2003 – pre-pregnancy weight

215 lbs April 2004 – my most pregnant

159 lbs May 2008 – before vacation in Italy

163 lbs September 2008 – at the start of my first year of Dentistry

180 lbs May 2009 – after gaining weight my first year of dental school

170 lbs September 2009 – at the start of my second year of Dentistry, when I first started working out with my trainer

168 lbs December 2009 – just before Christmas, when I started working with my nutritionist

At my first triathlon. I was pretty proud of myself - still am!

148 1/2 lbs August 11, 2010 – Sorry, I don’t have a picture from today, but to the left is one from a couple of months ago.  I’ve lost another 5 lbs or so since then.

My target is 130 lbs, which is sort of arbitrary, but puts me into a so-called healthy weight range for my height (5’3″).  I’m thinking it will take me another 18 weeks (1 lb per week) at least to get to this number, and I’m good with that.  At least now I feel like I have the habits to get me there: healthy eating and working out regularly.

Do you remember your weight at any particular point in time?  Do you remember your highest/lowest?  Or do you avoid the scale and go by how you feel and how your clothes fit?

22k tomorrow afternoon.  Wow, have I ever come a long way from running 2 minutes at a time!

P.S. I can’t believe I’m putting my weight out there on the internet.  Feeling bold – haha!


11 thoughts on “My Weight Story

  1. judy says:

    Good for you! I am impressed with your boldness…and really your weights arent that crazy.
    I remember getting married at 112 pounds and 9 months later being 9 months pregnant with my first and weighing 163 pounds, yikes!


  2. Heather says:

    I really only remember my weight when I got married and then when I was pregnant each time because they weigh you at each visit…Agreed, you are a bold lady! That’s great that you’re proud of yourself, it’s a good feeling isn’t it? Congratulations on your first triathlon, that’s definitely something to be proud of and quite an accomplishment!!


  3. Wendy @ Seriously Sassy says:

    Great post! I know I weighed 127 on my wedding day. I was underweight becuz of my anxiety disorder. Went all the way up to 190 after having my daughter and have been down around 168 for the past year. Right now I’m at 165 and reeeeeally don’t wanna go above that. It’s perfect.


  4. 45before35 says:

    What a great post – My weight timeline – for kicks (also to document the toll of school – my god). I weighed 115-120 my first year in college (I had some issues with food) my weight went up to 140 -150 my junior year and my senoir year (when working on my honors thesis – it peaked at 160-165). I entered graduate school at 160 and left at 185 (and remained at this weight forever). After I had my first child, I got my weight down to 185 where it stayed until child number 2.


    • mostlyfitmom says:

      School did a number on me, too, the first time around. I think part of the reason I know that I can maintain my current healthy habits is because I’m in school again (dental school), this time with kids. If I can lose weight and exercise now, then I’m sure I can continue with my healthy lifestyle afterward, when I’m working.


  5. bubblymel says:

    Yep I know how much I weighed at certain points in my life too. It’s crazy how weight changes!!!
    You are very inspiring!!!


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