Change in Plans: Evening Swim & Friday Long Run

Friday I’m planning to do 22k.  Usually I do my long run on Saturdays, but my husband is busy this weekend and won’t be able to watch the kids.  So, I talked it over with my trainer and she figured it was better to get the run in on Friday rather than waiting until Sunday and possibly being time-crunched and missing it.  Alrighty, that was settled.

Today I was scheduled to do an upper body workout, and tomorrow I was supposed to do a swim.  Not that swimming is that taxing on the legs, but I figured why not flip the upper body workout and the swim so that my legs are as fresh as possible on Friday?  Plus, this way my husband and kids could come hang out at the pool and get some active time in, too.  And, more importantly, I don’t have to get up at 6am tomorrow to drive across the city to the pool.  So much for committing to morning workouts – ha!

The swim went well.  This pool is larger (as in, has more lanes) than the one I swam at last week, and the lanes were pretty uncrowded.  I’m definitely needing fewer and shorter breaks while swimming, which is good.  And I also feel like I’m actually fast enough to be in a “medium” lane, rather than thinking I should move to a slow lane with the beginners.  Still not doing freestyle the whole time, but one stroke at a time, right?


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