Late-Night Workouts: The End Result of Procrastination

I know I recently posted that I was thinking of committing to early-morning workouts, but I really, REALLY am not a morning person, so if I have the opportunity to workout later in the day, I’ll usually choose to do that.  Today was that kind of day.  I actually had lots of time to get a workout in.  My kids were in skating camp for four hours this afternoon and my husband was home during the evening, so I could have done my workout shortly after supper.

This afternoon, I did some quick grocery shopping because we were completely out of fruit, and then I met with my nutritionist for a great session.  I would have had time to workout, but felt that I’d be rushed and possibly end up not having time to shower – not the best situation (especially for my nutritionist – ha!).

After supper, my husband ran out somewhere (Home Depot, maybe? dunno), but I still would easily have had time to fit my hour-long bike in there.  Instead, I read some really great blogs about fitness, weight loss, and healthy eating – so inspiring!  Still, working out should have been my priority, and I didn’t treat it as such.

I put the kids to bed, and then suddenly it was 10pm!  I spent some time debating whether or not to still workout.  Thankfully, I checked my e-mail and my trainer reminded me that our workout is in the afternoon tomorrow, not our usual morning session.  That did it – I needed to workout more than I needed to go to bed!

I changed into my gear, cued up True Blood on the PVR, and started to pedal.  I don’t usually watch TV when I stationary bike (see this post where I explain why), but my iPod was dead for some reason and it was a steady bike ride, not intervals, so it worked out just fine.

While I’m happy to report I got today’s workout in, I’m scratching my head a little, wondering why it is that sometimes I put off my workout until it’s really late or I decide not to do it.

Do you ever do this, or am I the only one spinning in the basement at 11pm?  Any secrets on how to overcome workout procrastination?


2 thoughts on “Late-Night Workouts: The End Result of Procrastination

  1. couchpotatoathlete says:

    I do the same thing — I put off a workout until the last minute. And yes, when we still belonged to a 24 hour gym I was there late late at night. Now I do it right away in the morning or right when I get done with work. I talked to my husband about it, and he would never say anything to me about getting my workout in, but I feel like I have to be accountable and get my workouts in early.

    If I exercise too late at night I sleep terrible (and so does my husband!)


  2. mostlyfitmom says:

    Yeah, I’m fighting the switch to early mornings. Still, there’s something really satisfying about being done before you’ve even started your day, isn’t there? Luckily I had no trouble sleeping last night, but I have experienced that, too, especially when I lift weights.


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