Why I Love My Dietitian

A very pretty kitchen, but not mine. I really like the cookbook holder!

As I said in my post yesterday, I started working with a nutritionist/dietitian back in December 2009.  Since then, I’ve lost almost twenty pounds and have totally overhauled my diet.  Keep in mind that I was also exercising regularly, with coaching from my trainer who helped keep my workouts fresh.  Eating was a big part of my weight loss, but I can’t discount the value of working out.

Of course I am totally happy about the weight loss, because I look better, it’s easier to find clothes, and running is sure a lot easier.  But I’m also really happy knowing that my diet is SO much better now than before, I’m WAY healthier, and I’m passing healthy habits onto my whole family.

What’s Changed?

  • I eat LOTS of veggies now.  It’s a rare day that I don’t have at least four servings.
  • Most of the time we eat lean cuts of meat like chicken, pork tenderloin, and beef tenderloin, meaning less saturated fat and cholesterol making their way through our arteries.
  • There’s a lot more fish in our diet, meaning more omega-3’s.  We average seafood probably once a week, which is much more than the once every two months we used to have it.
  • We eat out far less frequently, and make better choices about where and what we eat.  Yes, I’ve turned into that girl who orders salad 🙂
  • I know what a healthy diet should look like, thanks to my nutritionist.  So, when unexpected circumstances arise, I can adapt my plan to whatever food is available (unless it’s all pizza, wings, and beer – that’s a tricky minefield to negotiate).
  • Healthy starches have found their way into my kitchen.  It’s not just bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice.  We’re talking barley, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and corn.
  • When I’m stressed out with school, I don’t turn to food for comfort anymore.  Well, sometimes I find myself scrounging through the pantry, but not nearly as often as before.  And studying with peanut butter M&Ms is a thing of the past.

So often people have said to me that they would like to lose weight, know what to do to get there, but just don’t do it.  I thought I knew what healthy eating was before, but I think I was wrong.  Sure, I had a very good sense of which foods were healthy and which weren’t, but I didn’t know how to fit healthy eating into my life and what each meal should look like.  Now, I’m very aware of what should be on my plate every time I sit down to eat.  I’m not going to say that I eat perfectly every day, because I still struggle with emotional eating and sometimes chocolate calls, but for the most part, I follow a really healthful diet.

I still meet with my dietitian on a regular basis (we met today, prompting this post).  She answers specific questions I have about food and the emotional side of eating, makes suggestions on how I can improve my diet further, and helps keep me accountable for my food choices.  Sometimes I won’t eat that piece of chocolate because I know I’ll be putting it in my food journal and she’ll read about it – haha!

In short, she’s been an invaluable source of support.  Yes, I’ve had to pay for her services, but I’m sure the time has paid for itself just from eating out less.  And really, I think I’m worth it.


9 thoughts on “Why I Love My Dietitian

    • mostlyfitmom says:

      Thanks, Wendy! I am still drooling over the beautiful food pics you have on your blog. May have to try the individual chocolate cake recipe soon! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂


  1. 45before35 says:

    What a lovely post. I have been toying with the idea of using a dietitian. My eating has changed for the better over the last year – yet I have a ways to go…. I may splurge. I am really happy I found this blog. I was feeling like I was the only mom, triathlete, in need of losing weight out there.


    • mostlyfitmom says:

      Well, I would definitely urge you to splurge, based on my experience! It really helped me pinpoint what I needed to work on in terms of my eating.

      And I agree – almost all of the triathletes I’ve seen are smaller than I am. When I first put on my wetsuit, I had to remind myself how far I’d come and how much weight I’d already lost because everyone around me just looked so darn fit and thin!

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll definitely pop by your blog in a bit 🙂


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