My Workouts for the Week

Love Nike's ads

So, this is what I currently have on my plate for the week coming up (and it really has nothing to do with the ad posted above – I just liked it so much I thought other people should see it!):

  • Monday – 60 min bike
  • Tuesday – upper body strength workout
  • Wednesday – treadmill intervals + gym workout with my trainer
  • Thursday – 60 min swim
  • Friday – off
  • Saturday – 22km long run
  • Sunday – 30 min easy recovery bike

However, I know right now that this is going to get changed around.  For starters, I’m meeting with my trainer on Tuesday instead of Wednesday due to my husband’s work commitments.  Second, my husband is super busy all weekend so I’ll basically be solo parenting.  This means I’m going to have to try and fit my long run in either Sunday evening when he can watch the kids or Friday afternoon when the kids are in skating camp.  Neither is ideal, although right now, the weather forecast for Friday is a high of 21 degrees Celsius, cloudy, and pretty windy – better than super hot!  I’ll update once I hear back from my trainer on what she suggests.  I trust her judgment 🙂


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