Done and Done: One More Long Run in the Books

Did my 20k long run this morning.  Got out a little bit later than usual at around 8am.  Luckily there was a nice breeze and it was slightly overcast, so it was tolerable.

Part of why I was late getting out this morning was because I was tweaking my long run playlist.  I noticed during last week’s run that there was a lull when the music just wasn’t getting my feet moving.  So this week I added in a few songs with a beat to up my cadence, including:

  • The Look – Roxette
  • Notion – Kings of Leon
  • Bang Bang – by K’naan
  • Won’t Back Down – Eminem
  • California Love – 2Pac, Roger Troutman, and Dr. Dre

I have to say that it actually made a big difference to have these in my playlist.  Got my feet moving and helped carry me through.

As for how the run went, the first 8k were great.  No walking at all.  This worked WAY better for me than the 10 and 1 approach I used on my last couple of runs. At 8k I stopped to refill my water bottle and grab another Gu.  Ran the next 2k and then switched to 15 and 2’s.  Around 13 1/2 k, started to get achy in my right hip flexor region.  Around 15k, both hips were achy and the backs of my legs (glutes, hamstrings, calves) were SO tired. After 16k, it was a struggle and there was a LOT of walking – WAY more than planned.  Around 18k, the outside of my right hip was a little sore, but I only noticed when I was walking.  At 19k, I was having a few GI issues and needed to get home to the washroom!

I was a little disappointed with how the last half of the run went, because I was on pace for the first 8k and felt pretty good.  However, I am happy that the heavy-duty achiness didn’t set in until 15k or so, because last week it started at about 12k.  So my body is adapting – yay!

Long Run Nutrition:

This morning I had a couple of pieces of whole wheat toast with jam and 1/2 c of yogurt.  It seemed to sit pretty well in my stomach, at least until the 19k mark. However, I’m thinking maybe it’s a little too much fibre, so next week I’m going to try a nice, ripe banana or some apple sauce and yogurt instead and see how that goes.

Pretty tasty! I liked it better than the Vanilla Bean.

Tried the Vanilla Bean, Jet Blackberry, and Triple Berry Gu today.  I prefer the two berry flavours to the vanilla, but my fave is still mint chocolate.

Polished off about 600mL of water before my run, 600mL in the first 8k, 600mL in the next 4k, and 600mL in the last 8k.  My run lasted about 2 1/2 hours, so I averaged 720mL per hour.  That seems to be within the guidelines that I’ve seen in various articles, including this one.

Next week I’ve got a 22k to do and then it’ll be time to start tapering, while I work on increasing my speed a little.  This works out nicely, as I head back to dental school on August 23rd and things will start to get busy!

New Gear this Week:

As I mentioned last week, I had a few problems with my sport bra chafing.  Yesterday I headed to my local running store, Brainsport, and picked up my favourite bra in a smaller size (the Moving Comfort Fiona bra, if you wanted to know).  I also picked up a pair of CW-X Pro Shorts.  Last week I wore I new pair of Nike capri length running tights and they were good, but when it’s hot out, shorts are better.  It’s really hard to find long shorts, though, isn’t it?  And I need long shorts otherwise I have chafing problems.

The bra worked great – no chafing!  And the shorts were pretty comfy.  There was just one tiny spot on the front of my left hip where I got some chafing, but I’m pretty happy with how they worked for me.  Not sure they helped my performance or anything, but they felt supportive.

Well, I’m off to bed!  Time to let my body recover and rebuild.

4 thoughts on “Done and Done: One More Long Run in the Books

  1. couchpotatoathlete says:

    A bra that doesn’t chafe is a great thing! I got some longer shorts from Reebok — they are as long as bike shorts, stay put and I never chafe with them. The only bad part is peeling them off to use the restroom or when I’m done running and need to shower.

    I like oatmeal before long runs — it really sits in my stomach well. Or, a banana with some PB on it.

    Good music always helps! If there is a good beat I find myself running much faster, even if I feel tired and sluggish.


    • mostlyfitmom says:

      I hear you on peeling off the shorts once you’re all sweaty! Getting them back on was even harder LOL

      I love oatmeal for everyday, but I worry that it’s too much fibre for right before a long run, since I usually eat and run. Maybe when I’m training for my next race I’ll try it out…


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