Swimming is for the Committed (Yes, That’s Sort of a Pun)

Gotta love the sight of an empty pool.

I woke up before my alarm went off at 6am this morning.  I didn’t have a good night’s sleep and was really tempted to turn off my alarm and go back to sleep until the rest of the household woke up.  But, as I posted yesterday, I missed my interval running workout on Tuesday and I really didn’t want to miss another workout this week.  After lying there for a few minutes, I made a move, got into my gear, grabbed a quick breakfast, and was on the road to the pool by 6:20am.  (I’m mentally patting myself on the back for that, let me tell you.)

The pool I usually swim at is closed for maintenance right now, so I had to decide between two other facilities:

  1. An older facility that’s a 10-12 min drive, but that I’d never been to.
  2. The newest city civic centre, which I’d been to before and liked, but that was across the city – so, probably a 15-20 minute drive each way (Saskatoon is not that big, but that’s still a lot of driving).

I chose option 1, but regretted it as soon as I was poolside.  There were four lanes available.  Two were taken by really slow swimmers (probably four of them?), and the other two were BUSY.  I’m going say six or so swimmers were already in those lanes.  I watched the flow for a couple minutes, and then luckily someone left.  I got in, did ten or so warmup laps then started my workout.

Swimming in a crowd is not that much fun, though perhaps it is good practice for triathlons.  One of the lanes was a little too fast for me (and already had three swimmers in it), so I swam in the other lane.  Despite trying to leave lots of room between me and the swimmer ahead of me, I kept catching up to her.  Definitely breaks your rhythm to have to stop stroking and wait for someone.  That being said, she was an older lady, and I was pretty impressed because she was swimming when I got there and swam for probably 45 minutes of my 60 minute workout.  Good for her!

Next week, I think it will have to be the pool at the other end of the city. *sigh*

Swimming – morning swimming, anyway – is sort of hardcore (I’m telling myself it is, anyway – makes me feel better about it) .  You can’t just head out the door or down to the basement.  You can’t just hit the gym any time you’d like (at least not in our small-ish city).  You’ve got to plan ahead, get there and back, and you may have to share a lane – sometimes with people who have no idea how to share a lane (seriously, there are lane markers and diagrams for a reason!).  At least early morning swimmers tend to be fairly experienced with lap swimming and know how to share the pool.  If you’re a morning swimmer, I think you’ve got to be pretty committed, because you have to do all of this plus put in a full day at home, work or school, AND you have fight the temptation to roll over and hide under the covers.  Oh yeah – you also have to actually do the workout.  Or maybe you’re just a morning person?  I wouldn’t know anything about that, though – haha!

Maybe other people don’t find swimming as much of a hassle I do.  I just know I feel pretty proud of myself when I get my morning swims in.  And I guess that’s really what’s important.


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