My Workouts for the Coming Week

Slow but steady.

Here are the workouts I’m doing this week:

Monday: biking intervals + core workout (evening)

Tuesday: running intervals + 300 (full body strength) workout (evening)

Wednesday: workout with my trainer (7am)

Thursday: swimming (7am)

Friday: off

Saturday: 20k run (7am)

Sunday: off

My biggest fitness challenges this week:

  1. 7am workouts.  Not a morning person.  Enough said.
  2. Getting my 300 workout in after my running intervals.  Legs are usually DONE after intervals, so I have a hard time working myself up mentally for a strength workout afterward.
  3. 20k.  Longest distance I’ll ever have run.  I’m anticipating pain.

My fitness to-dos for the week:

  1. Schedule a session with my swim coach.
  2. Get my workouts in!
  3. Buy a new sports bra before my long run on Saturday.  Click here if you want to know why.
  4. Wash my favourite running hat, cuz it’s not really white anymore.

I’m off to do my biking workout, since my husband has made his way home from the golf course to take care of the monsters…er, children, who are currently wrestling in the front room.


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