Time Flew, Time to Regroup

My school year  ran until the end of May this year.  Yes, we dental students go longer than most of the other colleges do.  Unfortunately, we also start earlier, which means that back to school for me is in just a few weeks.  Yikes!  I had some goals for the summer, and, other than the fitness goals, I don’t think I’ve met any of them yet!  As the Wonder Pets say, “This. Is. Serious.”  (We’ve had Nick on around here this summer, can you tell?)  Time to regroup and figure out exactly what I want and, more importantly, NEED to accomplish while I’m at home with summer:

  1. Take the kids to the zoo.
  2. Take the kids to Kinsmen Park and go on some rides.
  3. Organize the office.
  4. Put together 2 months worth of meal plans and shopping lists.
  5. Go through what we’ve got in storage in the basement and toss/donate/reorganize it.
  6. Hang pictures on the walls.
  7. Get the fridge hooked up to the water line.
  8. Clean out the mudroom/laundry room and maybe set up some new shelves.
  9. Go through the kids toys and toss/donate/reorganize them.
  10. Find a babysitter for the weeks of August 23rd and August 30th.

That’s probably a reasonable list.  To do this week: take the kids to the zoo, organize the office, make one month’s worth of meal plans, and finalize a babysitter.  I also need to make plans to meet with my swim coach the week of the 16th, schedule in my workouts and make a meal plan for this week (the recipes in my summer menu will often be different from those my school-time menu), run the kids to swimming lessons, and take the kids to the spray park on hot days.  It’s gonna be a great week!


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