Healthy Eating Day 6

Today was as planned again!  I am definitely on a roll and have almost reached my reward for the week: a pedicure.  I made a couple of switches today: lean beef burger instead of grilled chicken, whole wheat hamburger bun instead of roasted potatoes, cherry cobbler with light ice cream instead of apple blueberry crisp.  The cherry cobbler was pretty good, but I found that the cherry filling portion was too sweet and I’ve decided that I definitely prefer a crisp topping to a cobbler one.  The recipe I used was from Allrecipes, my favourite recipe site.  Click here to see it.

Tomorrow is Day 7 of sticking to my meal plan.  I’ve found that now that I’ve gotten back into the habit of NOT having unplanned snacks, I’m finding it a lot easier to stick to my plan, even when faced with temptation.  I’ll also post re: my weight loss for the week and maybe get around to posting a couple of pics of my rewards for the week.


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