Chafing Sucks, or, Why I Need a New Sports Bra

My sister would not love it, but I do.

Today was long run day, and I managed to haul my hiney out of bed around 6:30am so that I good get my run in before it got too hot.  It was about 15 degrees when I headed out just after 7am, and was up to 22 degrees by the time I got home.  Luckily, a nice breeze kicked up around 8:30am and that helped to cool me off.  My run today was 18k, and I tried the 10 and 1 approach like I did last weekend.  My trainer and I figured it was worth trying, since I was walking fairly the frequently during the last half of my long runs.  But I am not loving it!  I find that I just start settling into a running groove and then I have to walk, and then I have to get running again and get back into the groove.  It feels awkward and almost like it takes more energy.  Then, in the last half  or third of my long run, when my legs are really sore and tired, and I seem to end up walking extra anyway.  I think I actually walked less during the last several kilometres of my runs when I WASN’T using the 10 and 1 approach.  I’m not knocking the 10 and 1 method at all; it’s just not working for me right now.

My run definitely went better than last week, but my pace was still kind of all over the place and my legs were sure sore, especially in the last 6k.  Everything ached: hamstrings, glutes, calves, feet…  But hey, I went 18k, and that’s pretty cool considering I just started running this spring, and then suffered an IT band injury that stopped me from running for 6 weeks.

I had another problem today: chafing.  A couple of long runs ago, I had some chafing caused by the padding in my tri shorts.  I bought some Nike capri length running tights and solved that problem, but today I had some sports bra-related chafing.  If you’ve ever experienced chafing, you know how horrible it is when you hop into the shower before realizing that you have a sore spot or two.  The searing pain is enough to make you want to scream and let a few choice words fly.  And today’s experience was enough to convince me to time to get myself to Brainsport, a great, local running store, and buy my favourite Moving Comfort sports bra in a smaller size.  I’m not really complaining about having to buy a smaller size, because I’m wearing the same size as I was 20 lbs (heavier) ago, and who doesn’t like having to buy smaller clothes?

I tried out a couple of new gel flavours today.  My favourite so far is Gu’s Mint Chocolate, but I do also like their Chocolate Outrage and  Pineapple flavours. Strawberry Banana, though?  Meh.  Not for me.  As for the rest of my running nutrition today,  I had a piece of toast with some jam and half a banana before my workout, and during the run I had 2 gels.  I also sucked back almost 1.5L during my run, which took me almost 2.5 hours (yeah, slow pace).  I was pretty happy with how I felt during the run, but, man was I hungry by the end of it!  Not sure I would want to eat more before, though, as my stomach can be sort of…twitchy when I run.  I only drank water, though, so maybe adding in Gatorade would be good?  I dunno – something to consider, I guess.

Tomorrow is an off day, and I’ll post my workouts for the upcoming week.  It’s also the last day of sticking to my meal plan for 7 days, so I’ll update about that, too.

UPDATE: Christina at Making Healthy the Norm is having a Gu giveaway, which I thought was timely given my discussion of Gu flavours.  Click here to check it out!


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