Love a Nice Bike Ride

Went out for a 50 minute bike ride this evening.  The weather here in central Saskatchewan was perfect – around 26 degrees Celcius, almost no wind, and I got to enjoy the sunset along the river.  While 26 is a little hot for running, it was perfect for biking because you’re always moving and generating your own breeze.

I hadn’t been on my bike for awhile.  Have mostly been riding a stationary bike due to the time I was able to get my bike workouts in (late, when it was pretty dark and not that safe to be on the road).  Stationary biking is SO BORING, though, so it’s always a treat to be able to head outside for a spin.  I always find it easier to push myself outside, too, since I can distract myself from the burning in my legs a little more easily.  This translates to a higher average heart rate, which should translate to better fitness.

I’m definitely finding that my fitness has improved just over the past couple of months, which helps motivate me to keep at it!  Tonight I rode about 19k in just under 50 minutes (49:45), with an average heart rate of 134 bpm.  On May 24, 2010, I did approximately the same distance in 50:24 (39 seconds slower), but my average heart rate was 160 bpm.  Since I’ve been focusing on my running right now rather than my biking, I feel pretty good about this.

I did not get in the upper body workout I had planned to do today, and I’m feeling kind of guilty about this.  I really feel like I could have squeezed it in today had I done it earlier in the day.  I’ve checked in with my trainer, though, to see if I can do it tomorrow instead of taking the day totally off before my 18k long run on Saturday morning.  I figure it’s upper body so I should be able to go ahead, but I’ll wait to here from her.

The only other problem I had tonight was that at the end of my bike (last 10 minutes or so), I was REALLY hungry.  Like, legs-weren’t-getting-enough-fuel hungry.  I knew I was hungrier today than yesterday, and I could sure tell during my workout.  I am a little concerned with this, as obviously fueling myself adequately for my half-marathon training is important to me.  Right after my workout, I headed to the store and grabbed a cup of 1% chocolate milk.  No, this was not in my eating plan for the week, but given how I was feeling at the end of my workout and the importance of post-workout refueling in terms of replenishing glycogen stores, I consider this to be pretty reasonable and within the general rules my nutritionist has laid out for me.  I’m going to consider it onside in terms of sticking to my meal plan, because I think it’s more important that I get the nutrition I need for training than it is to stick exactly to my plan.  Gotta have a little flexibility, as long as I’m keeping it healthy and reasonable.


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