Day 4’s Eating Update

I found myself hungrier today than yesterday, but stuck to my meal plan in spite of this.  Used the sugar-free Koolaid trick I did yesterday and made sure I drank lots of water, too.  Some days I am just hungrier, and I struggle a little in knowing how to handle this.  As Judith Beck says in her book The Beck Diet Solution (and I am definitely paraphrasing here), sometimes you’re hungry when you’re trying to lose weight, so I guess I gotta suck it up to a certain extent.  My question is always how hungry is too hungry?  Obviously if I’m light-headed and really cranky, that’s probably too hungry.  If I’m about to eat a meal and my stomach is growling, I can hang in there.

I also struggle with making good choices if I eat when I’m super hungry.  As a starch lover, I tend to want to pilfer the cereal boxes in my pantry or make myself some toast.  I’m very sure this is NOT the right way to go.  My nutritionist says to have some veggies or a piece of fruit, for obvious nutritional reasons: low calories, high fibre, vitamins and minerals, etc.  But this just doesn’t seem as satisfying to me as “carbs.” *sigh*  And it also isn’t usually as QUICK as munching on a handful of cereal.  Much as I’d love to say that I always wash and cut up my fruits and veggies as soon as I bring them home from the grocery store, that really doesn’t happen in my kitchen, like, ever.  Well, okay, I think I did it once a couple of years ago.  Maybe this is something I need to revisit so that I find it easier to have some cucumber slices or nice, red strawberries instead of those Blueberry Muffin MiniWheats.


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