Day 2, and the Eating Was Good

I managed to stick to my meal plan for a second day yesterday, but just so as we’re clear, I made a couple of substitutions.  I figure if you’re trading veggies for veggies, fruit for fruit, healthy starch for healthy starch, then it’s all good.  The reward: a new lipgloss!  Nothing fancy – just something a little bit easy, breezy, beautiful – some Cover Girl lip gloss in a colour called “Fire.”  The name made me feel sassy.

I’m feeling pretty proud of my self for not giving into the urge to head to the pantry when my kids were fighting and I was starting to lose it.  Yes, I’m an emotional eater.  Don’t they always say the first step is admitting it?

I was supposed to do an interval running workout yesterday, but then my husband ended up being late, and I ran out of time to fit it in.  Not feeling so proud of that.  The good news is that I rescheduled it and did my interval workout this morning!  Yay, me!  At the same time, though, I was also supposed to get a strength workout in yesterday and then again today.  Neither has happened and I am tired.  So, here’s my compromise: tonight, right after I get off the computer, I’m doing a core workout.  Tomorrow, I’m biking, but I’m also going to do the upper body workout that was scheduled for today.  Will update tomorrow on those workouts!


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