Day 1 – Success!

So yesterday was Day 1 of sticking to my meal plan for the week, with watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo as the reward for sticking to my meal plan.  I’m happy to report that there was no scrounging in the pantry for snacks – I stuck to the plan!  I did have asparagus instead of the original veggies I had planned at supper, but I consider this to be a fair trade.  And I did start watching the movie, but it was late and I wanted some sleep, so I only managed to get halfway through.  It’s really good, although of course it leaves out a lot of the details that are in the book.  And I don’t think the guy who plays Mikael Blomkvist in the movie was hot enough for the role, but whatever.

Today is Day 2, with the reward for sticking to plan being a new lipgloss (under $10).  I am sort a of a lip gloss addict, so this definitely falls in the “want” not “need” category.  Not sure what kind of gloss I’m gonna buy.  I’m thinking something in the peach/coral range for summer.

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